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Heading to #TBT2017? So are we!

Check out a brief rundown of the only road trip you need to make this summer to cheer on Purple and Black!

Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

You are probably just as excited about The Basketball Tournament (#2017) as the rest of the #FAMILY at K-State for a few reasons. We are looking forward to covering this year’s tournament just like we did last year, hopefully with a longer run for Purple and Black this time around. Here is your guide to traveling to the Peoria area to attend the game(s) in July!

Destination: Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois)


From Kansas City: 381 miles

From Manhattan: 501 miles

From Wichita: 579 miles

From Oklahoma City: 733 miles

Overall, this really isn’t a bad trip to take and you could easily tackle it in an afternoon with a friend. If you don’t have friends, pace yourself or consider taking a Greyhound bus. This is one really fun event that you don’t want to miss out on!

Where to stay:

Peoria, Illinois: With over 20+ hotels in Peoria, there are plenty of great places to stay if you hurry up and book soon! Situated on the Illinois River, Peoria is the largest town on the river so there is plenty to do and see.

Bloomington, Illinois: Bloomington is a little over 40 miles away and still offers the college town vibe. If hotels book up from now until then, this is always a viable option!

Every city in between: Seriously, there are a ton of smaller towns all around the Peoria area, just use your judgement and don’t stay in the middle of nowhere?

Camp out: bring an RV full of purple wearing companions! The more the merrier. Just remember to shower.

Tournament time!

The schedule should be announced later this month, but plan on staying July 15th AND 16th just in case!

Last year K-State had one of the best fan crowds out there because YOU guys showed up in large numbers to cheer on Purple and Black. Let’s show our support for this great group of alumni and cheer them on in Peoria! We will keep you updated with more as we go, especially the schedule and match-up Purple and Black will be facing. Until then, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest K-State news!