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Former Wildcat Curtis Yonke making waves in Latin America

Jim Colbert’s grandson grabs a win in Ecuador

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Makin’ Pawpaw proud.
Makin’ Pawpaw proud.
Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Today is a super-slow Monday, which is probably going to be the norm from now until the end of August (with one notable exception). Aside from #90 on BracketCat’s countdown, defensive end Bronson Massie, we only have three items today, so the off-topic klaxon has been sounded.

First, former Wildcat Curtis Yonke, who also happens to be Jim Colbert’s grandson, fired four rounds in the 60s this weekend at Quito Tenis y Golf Club in Ecuador’s capital. He was the only golfer competing in the Quito Open to accomplish that feat, and his 14-under resulted in a two-stroke win. The win moved him to sixth place on the Latin American tour money list, and into first place in the four-event Bupa Challenge. We’ll have to keep an eye on him, eh?

At the Capital-Journal, Ken Corbitt profiles hammer thrower Kyle Smith, who’s on his way to Eugene for the NCAA Championships, which start Wednesday.

Finally, Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register chimes in on Bill Snyder’s faux pas last week. Peterson’s got an interesting idea: let players transfer at will, with the only stipulation being they can’t ever play against their former school — meaning they could transfer to a school on their former school’s future schedules, but would have to sit out those games. Interesting.

What do you think of that? And what else would you like to babble about today? Let’s go, commentariat. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can sit around eating Cheetos and drinking beer. Gotta keep this fingers in typing shape.