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Jordan Floyd gets drafted

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The countdown to football season continues and more!

That’s a wrap.


Will Brennan was named to the Second Team Freshman All-American as mentioned in yesterday’s Slate. Also, are you counting down the days to football? Same. Literally. Yesterday we had 81 days left and brought you a look at Wyatt Hubert.

In case you missed my interview with ESPN Emporia’s Cody Hudson... check it out here!


What a day for K-State Baseball! Jordan Floyd, closer for the Bat Cats, was drafted by the Kansas City Royals as Luke Thompson covered for us.

KSAC History

Yesterday we had 1910-1911 covered by Jon Morse, discussing Ahearn’s final year before retirement. Not to leave you hanging, 1911-1912’s Guy Lowman, was introduced to the program.