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Jon Fabris Returns to Kansas State

With Blake Seiler promoted, Fabris rejoins K-State coaching staff.

Spring brings many changes between the up and downs of the weather, new sports and a renewed hope for many college students of summer just around the corner. For K-State fans, the hire of Jon Fabris might sound familiar. In his time at K-State in 1997-1998 the Wildcats went an impressive 22-3 overall. Bringing on Fabris as defensive ends coach is consistent with Snyder’s overall program. Not only has Fabris been a prominent figure in college football, his impact with his players is carried over to the NFL as well. Fabris has over 30 years of experience as a coach on the collegiate and NFL level with coaching at the Cleveland Browns in 2000.

This is a great move for K-State since Fabris focuses just as much on athletic coaching as he does with academic focus off the field. With the graduation and departure of Jordan Willis and the incredibly talented squad remaining, Fabris will have plenty of athletic ability to work with.

What does that mean for Blake Seiler? A promotion to assistant defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. Much like the rest of the coaching staff at K-State, Seiler’s impact on the field is just as great as his impact in the academic world for his players. Having a well rounded program on the field and in the classroom is just another signature Snyder trait.

Welcome back to Manhattan to Coach Fabris and family, we look forward to your stellar reputation and results following you!

Congratulations to Coach Seiler and family, we are excited for your promotion and clear leadership skills to continue in Manhattan!