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Opening Day and #KStateMBB’s Fred Kohl passes away

K-State’s oldest living player passes away, countdown to the NFL Draft

Ben Kohl


While it may be opening day at Kauffman Stadium... K-State returns home to face former Big 12 foe Nebraska tomorrow at 6:30 pm. Nebraska is 13-10 this season and K-State hopes to get a non-conference win over the Huskers.

Men’s Basketball

K-State’s oldest living basketball player, Fred Kohl (played in 1942-43), passed away yesterday.

Keeping his family and friends in our thoughts!


Building up to the 2017 NFL Draft, @KStateFB is reminding everyone of the #23Straight years a K-State player has been drafted.

Not only is this a big deal, think about the state of the program only 28 years ago when Bill Snyder took over. To think there have been 23 straight years of players being drafted from Kansas State after being named the worst college football program in the nation... mind blowing! Bill Snyder’s turnaround of our football team is truly remarkable.