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Bring on the PodCats with Eric Rubottom

Kansas State turned in two solid performances last week, so Eric and I needed to talk about it even without a guest to join us before the Big 12 tournament.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas State
Selection Sunday’s going to be very nervewracking for these guys and for all of us if they can’t find a way to beat Baylor again.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

In a relatively short podcast, Eric and I looked back at how extra physicality helped Kansas State comfortably beat Texas Tech just a few days after an impressive finish on the road plus another great game from Dean Wade lifted the ‘Cats to a much-needed win at TCU. Still, we believe K-State needs at least one more win in KC to feel good about its tournament chances.

Speaking of the Big Dance, we couldn’t resist wading into the debate of whether power conference teams or mid-majors deserve the final at-large spots in the bracket. There are no easy answers.

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