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Bring on the PodCats with Greg Woods

Our prolific young writer makes his podcast debut for some instant analysis of the Sunflower Showdown and a deeper look at an exciting but frustrating Kansas State team.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas State
Can Kansas State repeat its success against West Virginia in Morgantown? Will the Wildcats wear the black uniforms again? I sure hope so.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State fell to No. 2 Kansas 74-71 in another close, painful loss to our bitter rivals. Since Mondays aren’t particularly conducive to drinking away your sorrows and we had a lot of opinions to share, we decided to instead record a podcast with the game still all-too-fresh on our minds.

Eric Rubottom joined me once again and we gave Greg Woods a break from writing his quick hit recap and full analysis to simply talk about what went right, or wrong for the ‘Cats. Naturally, we shared some thoughts on Bruce Weber, including his decisions in the Baylor game, and we discussed why Kansas State struggles to score so much when it counts or occasionally goes through serious droughts with its halfcourt offense.

We also offered some ideas on how to fix those issues or at how Bruce and his staff could maximize offensive production with the pieces that they have. All that took up about as much time as you’ll probably want to listen to as once, but we still have a lot more to discuss, so consider this Part I with Part II coming next week after K-State’s tough road trip to Morgantown.

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