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SLate: Will Geary First Team All Defense

Will Geary dominated opposing offensive players this season, plus recaps from last night’s men’s game and a women’s hoopy-buckets preview.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma State
You cannot stop Will Mountain Man Geary
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Real life got in the way today, so we’re all jamming to an afternoon edition of the Slate.


Luke Sobba pulled double duty yesterday, first dropping our usual slate, and finishing the day with a recap of K-State’s big win ove USC-UPstate.

It was such an overwhelming victory for Kansas State that AMS asked readers to pick the player of the game. Currently Kamau Stokes is dominating Barry Brown Jr. and Dean Wade for those honors.


Recaps from last night’s win include:

Ken Corbitt at the Capital Journal

Kellis Robinett from the KC Star

Greg Woods from the Manhattan Mercury

Kamau Stokes is hot. Like three t’s in HOTTT, hot. Especially from long range as he’s shooting right at 50% from 3 point land on the season. Stokes credits the consistency and improvement on his time in the gym. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

More hoopy buckets are in store tonight as the women take on UT-Arlington at 7 pm. You can catch the game on ESPN 3. (Shane Jackson, Manhattan Mercury).


Reports out of Eugene, Oregon indicate Jim Leavitt will join Willie Taggart in hell Tallahassee, Fla. and Dean Straka speculates that this move will end the Jim Leavitt to Kansas State rumors when Bill finally steps down. (Dean Straka, Kansas State Diehards)

In non-coaching carousel news, Pro Football Focus announced the All Big 12 first teams...and “I don’t need to be 40 to be a man” Will Geary graded out as the highest rated defender in the league this season. Oh, and Kansas State lead the defensive side with four players making First Team Defense.