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At least it’s not a 25-point deficit this time.

Chaos and uncertainty have returned to Wildcatland.
Chaos and uncertainty have returned to Wildcatland.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You won’t believe this, but K-State’s secondary is getting torched, the coaches are making mind-boggling decisions which don’t work, and the Wildcats are losing 17-7 to UCLA in the Cactus Bowl.

Devon Modster, subbing for Josh Rosen, has thrown touchdown passes of 52 and 70 yards to Jordan Lasley and Theo Howard respectively, and J.J. Molson added a 44-yard field goal. For K-State, the only real glimmer of anything was a 68-yard touchdown run by the suddenly-present Alex Delton.

The play calling on offense has been horrific, ranging from predictable (Skylar Thompson throw, Delton run) to absurd (Delton’s two egregiously poor long pass attempts, a failure to establish the run game under Thompson against UCLA’s 127th-ranked run defense).

And the defense, well, is what it is. Good effort being displayed, but UCLA interim head coach and offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is simply outscheming Tom Hayes. Maybe K-State should hire him, since he’ll be unemployed in about 100 minutes.

Speaking of 100 minutes, we’ll be back about a half-hour after that with the finale... and maybe an announcement on K-State’s future?