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Slate: The Kansas State Bobcats?

A Bobcat is a Wildcat, right?

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


Kansas State needs one more victory to become bowl eligible. Their best shot to get that win may come this week against West Virginia, and the Moutaineers know the Wildcats will “fight their tail(s) off” to get that win. (Matt Keller,

It’s been nearly 30 years, but Mike Gundy still remembers his first handwritten note from coach Snyder. (Cody Daniel, Oklahoma State DieHards)

Brogan Barry made Phil famous. Phil, of course, is the stuffed bobcat who shared in the post game celebration following the win over Texas Tech. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Winning cures many ills, and the Wildcats hope to continue that course of treatment this week against the West Virginia Mountaineers. (Corbin McGuire,

Finally, Trent Tanking was named a semi-finalist for the Burlsworth Trophy, which is awarded to the most outstanding football player who started their career as a walk-on. (