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Bring on the PodCats with The Smoking Musket’s Bart Keeler

We did a lot of lamenting about defensive inadequacies and even talked a little basketball with one of our SB Nation colleagues on this week’s podcast.

Kansas State v Texas Tech
If he’s healthy and ready to run, Alex Delton could be in for a big day against the West Virginia defense.
Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

West Virginia beat Kansas State 17-16 last season, so does our friend Bart Keeler from The Smoking Musket feel any better about the Mountaineers’ chances to win in Manhattan for the first time? Not really. Mostly he’s worried about WVU’s defense, which is something BracketCat and I could definitely relate to given how this year has gone for Kansas State.

Along with the expected discussions of the receivers likely to destroy the KSU secondary this week, which Wildcat quarterback will play and for how long, we also found some time to mock SEC East football and even talk about the upcoming basketball season. Did you know it starts this Friday when West Virginia plays Texas A&M in Germany and Kansas State hosts American? One of those games should be closer than the other, but you never know.

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