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HALFTIME: Kansas State 17, Texas Tech 14 - Alex Delton goes nuts

We’re not sure what we’re watching here.

He doesn’t LOOK like Chad May.
He doesn’t LOOK like Chad May.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

A 17-14 K-State lead at halftime isn’t particularly surprising.

That they built that lead on Alex Delton’s arm, on the other hand, is a bit of a shock.

Delton wasn’t perfect by any means, making a few really bad throws (including one batted down at the line which he himself caught for a five-yard loss, and another batted at the line and picked off with a minute thirty to go in the half), but he was throwing BBs to his receivers the entire half, and racked up 167 yards and a touchdown.

Who leads K-State in rushing? Justin Silmon, with 45 yards on two carries. One of them was for only three yards, so... yeah. Delton, Dalvin Warmack, and Alex Barnes have run for 23, 22, and 20 respectively.

Colby Moore was ejected for targeting on what would have been a D.J. Reed punt return for a touchdown with about three minutes left in the half; Kolin Moore was ejected just a few plays later for targeting on a hit on Delton which would have been roughing the passer even without the targeting call.

Defensively, K-State has only had one truly bad drive, a one-play, 75-yard touchdown pass. They’ve been pretty decent otherwise.

Back in a couple of hours with the final recap.