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Bring on the PodCats with Nick Leckey

Our friend and former Wildcat standout returns to assess K-State’s final game, a solid regular season, and look ahead to the future for the ‘Cats and the Snyder family.

Kansas State v Texas Tech
Is Skylar the quarterback of the future for Kansas State?
Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Kansas State finished the regular season on an impressively high note, rallying from 12 points down in the fourth quarter to beat Iowa State for its fourth win in the last five games. Nick Leckey joined us once again and that magical comeback with its craziness and referee oddities gave us a full podcast’s worth of things to talk about, so we had to keep going to discuss some other topics.

Those included a look at whether Sean Snyder could be head coach material, some thoughts on Bill Snyder’s future with discussion John Currie’s various dealings* in which Nick reveals the reason so many NFL players hate Greg Schiano, something that didn’t get brought up enough. Finally, we spent some time analyzing the season and looking ahead to the promise of next year before briefly deciding where we want Kansas State to go this bowl season.

Have a listen now, or feel free to wait until Saturday so we can help you fill the hole in your day normally occupied by Kansas State football.

*It’s probably worth noting we recorded this podcast Monday night, so obviously a lot has happened in John Currie’s remarkably inept search for a new Tennessee coach since then.

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