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Trent Tanking nominated for Burlsworth Trophy, but won’t win

Baker Mayfield has won two years in a row, and, look, come on.

It’s the award for the best walk-on, you see.
It’s the award for the best walk-on, you see.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

That’s probably what K-State linebacker Trent Tanking will say in regard to his nomination for the 2017 Burlsworth Trophy, and it’s really the only plausible statement one can make.

The Burlsworth goes to the best player in college football who began his career as a walk-on. Unfortunately for every other walk-on in college football over the last three seasons, that means Baker Mayfield is eligible. He’s already won the award twice, and honesty requires us to note that if he fails to win it this year it’s because voters are trying to make a pointless and futile statement.

Still, being nominated is an honor for Tanking, and he can revel in it for a month.