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TRASH TALK: Farmageddon!

Familiarity breeds contempt, and Iowa State is like looking in the mirror.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the final regular-season installment of TRASH TALK. Feel free to join along in the comments section, but remember this is all in good fun.

It’s Senior Day! Rivalry Week! And who do the Kansas State Wildcats get? Oh, the Iowa State Cyclones. Thanks a lot, Big 12. No, no, I’m sure ending the season against a scrappy team straight from a midwestern cow college will really get the excitement going.

I’m certain their college of veterinary medicine is great, and I bet a lot of good engineers come out of Ames, but they don’t have a law school or a medical school. Could it be any more obvious the state legislature hates them? They didn’t even become “Iowa State University” until 1959!

And let’s talk about football. Iowa State’s all-time winning percentage is just a hair over .450! They had a couple of conference championships back when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was still alive and kicking, but they were one of the whipping boys of Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado throughout the history of the Big Eight.

They also can’t even figure out what their mascot is. Is it a tornado? Is it a big red bird? Why does that bird have teeth? Seriously, a bird with teeth is creepy and unnatural.

I just don’t know why anyone would think Iowa State is an appropriate opponent for K-State during Rivalry Week.

p.s. Wheat > Corn