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HALFTIME: Kansas State 28, Oklahoma State 13 - Defense?!

Minus D.J. Reed, the Wildcat defense is sacking up.

Skylar Thompson’s on pace for 176 rushing yards. You read that right.
Skylar Thompson’s on pace for 176 rushing yards. You read that right.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last 60 minutes, the Kansas State defense has held Will Grier and Mason Rudolph to 235 yards passing.

That includes only 138 for Rudolph in the first half today, and interceptions by Duke Shelley and Kendall Adams have prevented the Oklahoma State offense from doing its usual damage, and K-State has taken a 28-13 lead into the locker room.

Meanwhile, Skylar Thompson is 5-7 for 75 yards and a touchdown (a 47-yarder to Byron Pringle) and has 88 yards and a touchdown rushing. Alex Barnes added a 39-yard TD scamper, and Byron Pringle put icing on the cake with an 89-yard kickoff return.

Oklahoma State has 207 yards of offense -- over a third of it on their one touchdown drive, which was a 70-yard, 19 second abberation (at least as far as the rest of the half is concerned). Rudolph has been sacked twice, and while Justice Hill has run for 77 yards on 15 carries, 32 of that was on one play. Otherwise, he’s 45 on 14.

What we’re saying is that in the first half, with the exception of one drive where they just got beaten, K-State’s defense is here to play today.

We hope you find the second half as enjoyable as the first, but... well, it is Stillwater, and K-State’s not immune to blowing big halftime leads there.