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Kansas State at Oklahoma State: Open Game Thread

The Cats are in Stillwater after an interesting week.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas State
Is he done for the season????
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

This week didn’t start well in the Vanier Football Complex. Coming off a disappointing loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Kansas State Wildcats were still looking for answers 10 games in to the season. And then there were reports that surprising-star receiver Dalton Schoen, and All-Big 12 candidate D.J. Reed are injured and possibly out for the season.

And then things got worse.

We all know by now the story about Jim Leavitt, and former-AD John Currie’s Bill Snyder Replacement Plan™. It’s set the K-State world on edge, and while it may have only garnered brief attention from Snyder himself, it’s entirely likely that there may be some grumblings from the other coaches or the players.

So who knows what happens in Stillwater today. The Cats could be extra focused and come out and make a game of it with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Or they could be distracted enough to actually get stomped and prove the Vegas books right with their 20-point line.

For the Cats to win today they need to score points (duh). The Pokes are going to score, but the Cats have to be able to keep up against a porous OSU defense. Failing to score on a drive could be the difference in the game. Skylar Thompson will get the start again and will need lean on Isiah Zuber and Byron Pringle to help keep the Cowboys from stuffing the box. Then Dalvin Warmack and whoever is healthy at RB can get some big gains on that leaky Poke defense.

On defense the Cats just need to prevent big plays, and hold to Cowboys to a FG ever once in a while. If D.J. Reed is out, then it could be a long day for the Wildcat secondary. And you can’t key on the pass for the Cowboys, because they have a potent rushing attack too. Pick your battles, and hope one of the other pieces has an off game.

The Wildcats are sitting at 5-5, and while any hope for a “good” season is gone, the Cats are still fighting for bowl eligibility and momentum to carry them in to the offseason.

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Beat the Cowboys!

Go Cats!