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Bring on the PodCats with Kyle Cox of Pistols Firing Blog

Kyle tells us what makes the Cowboys’ offense so hard to stop, and why missing the Big 12 title will be a disappointment to most OSU fans.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State
Mason Rudolph is really good at quarterback, but Justice Hill might just be the best running back in the Big 12, and he’s only a sophomore.
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Kyle Cox of the excellent Pistols Firing Blog joins KSUEmaw and I this week as Kansas State prepares to take on the dynamic Oklahoma State offense in Stillwater this Saturday. So what’s the key to stopping them? Well, if you stop the conference’s best running back, Justice Hill, you just might have a chance. Unless the Cowboys decide they can just lean on Mason Rudolph and his ridiculous corps of wide receivers led by James Washington, of course. The beleaguered Kansas State secondary might have some issues.

On the bright side, OSU’s defense hasn’t exactly looked great as of late, although Kyle says they’re still great at forcing turnovers and might have more talent than you think. Really, if you’re looking for reasons for optimism, maybe the best we can do is to note the Cowboys don’t have a clear choice for quarterback next season after Rudolph leaves. Also, their basketball team is in bad shape.

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