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HALFTIME: Texas 21, Kansas State 17 - WTF?

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING about this game is as it should be.

All he does is catch the ball.
All he does is catch the ball.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton Schoen has touchdown receptions of 82 and 12 yards, Texas is moving the ball at will, and K-State can’t run. In other words, everything is just as you all expected as we enter halftime in Austin with the Longhorns taking a 21-17 lead just as the half expired.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and we’ll get to it in the post-game, but just know that this is absolutely not the football game anyone — K-State or Texas fans -- expected.

What needs to change in the second half? Well, the blunt answer is Elijah Sullivan needs to get on the field and both sides of the K-State line need to make some adjustments. What needs to stay the same? Jesse Ertz needs to keep looking for Schoen, and... well, there’s nothing else that happened in the first half we’re particularly wedded to.

We’ll be back in about 90. Here’s your second-half thread.