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Bring on the PodCats with Ian Boyd

Ian Boyd of SB Nation and Inside Texas joins us to break down a matchup between two struggling offenses and strong defenses.

Texas v Iowa State
Malik Jefferson leads what just might be the best defense Kansas State has seen this season.
Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Kansas State and Texas don’t really have much of a history with offensive shootouts, at least not since that glorious day in 2006 when I rushed the field after the ‘Cats pulled off a 45-42 upset. It shouldn’t be hard to discern co-host JT VanGilder and I aren’t all that impressed with K-State’s offense this season, and our guest Ian Boyd of SB Nation and Inside Texas might be even less enthusiastic about the Longhorns, if that’s possible.

The offensive lines, a quarterback controversy and mediocre running backs are just a few of the problems we covered while discussing two of the Big 12’s more lackluster offenses. Defense should win the battle on Saturday, since both of these units have been very good since Texas’s season-opening disaster against Maryland. Ian considers that more of an anomaly than anything, and he’s expecting the Longhorns to follow the successful approach of others by daring Jesse Ertz to throw the ball. Will that be enough to secure a much-needed victory for Texas over the Purple Wizard? Ian knows better than to make that promise.

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