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Bring on the PodCats with Seth Jungman

Our friend from Staking the Plains explores what went wrong with a promising Texas Tech season and discusses how much longer Kliff Kingsbury might have in Lubbock.

Texas Tech v Kansas
Shimonek’s not bad and he’s got some nice weapons, but he’s no Pat Mahomes.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This game certainly doesn’t look as interesting to the casual observer as it might have in mid-September, but that doesn’t there aren’t huge implications. Seth Jungman of Staking the Plains and esteemed co-host JT VanGilder both agree Saturday’s matchup in Lubbock could be a must-win game for the bowl hopes of K-State and Texas Tech, and no one has a clear advantage.

Seth says big, physical receivers could give the Wildcats some problems, and the Red Raiders’ defense is better than you think. But they’ll be missing their leading tackler for the first half, Alex Barnes could be poised for a breakout game, and kicking woes for Texas Tech could be an issue if it’s decided by just a few points. Even with a win, Seth’s not so sure Kliff Kingsbury is the right guy for the Red Raiders, and you’ll be a little shocked to hear who he chooses as his pipe dream for a replacement.

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