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Oh, how the Jayhawks pine for the halcyon days of 5-7.

Missouri v Kansas
Even Mark Mangino is shocked at how far the Jayhawks have fallen since his ouster in 2009.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In order to allow commenters plenty of opportunity to share their own trash talk, this week’s installment is going to focus mostly on facts about KU’s football ineptitude over most of the past decade.

In 2009, the Kansas Jayhawks started the year 5-0, climbing to No. 16 in the AP Poll. That was actually expected of KU in 2009. Mark Mangino had dramatically improved the team during his tenure, even winning an Orange Bowl two years earlier (although that hinged largely on the imbalanced Big 12 schedule that let them dodge all three ranked teams from the South Division).

Forget 5-0, though. These days KU fans would cheer for a 5-7 record like they finished with in 2009. Reports of player abuse led to Mangino’s ouster, and a 7-game losing streak to finish the year didn’t help his case.

It has been an ugly eight years since then. Including Mangino’s final season, which was better for KU than any season since, the Jayhawks have a 20-83 record (.194), with a 13-81 (.138) record against FBS competition and a 5-68 (.068) record in the Big 12. More than half of their FBS wins came in Mangino’s final and Gill’s first seasons. The Jayhawks haven’t won more than one conference game in eight-plus years. They will need at least one significant upset to break that streak.

KU has been so ugly in recent years that losing to them turned Texas into a punchline last year and was a serious contributor to the firing of Charlie Strong. The Jayhawks have given up 118 unanswered points, going back to the third quarter of their game against Texas Tech when a touchdown pulled them within 16 points of Tech. The Red Raiders rattled off the final 30 points of the game, and KU has been shut out 45-0 and 43-0 in consecutive weeks by Iowa State and TCU, respectively.

The good news for KU is they have more win than Baylor this year. Beat the Bears next week in Lawrence and they might be able to take some positives away from this year. Lose, and David Beaty could exit KU with a 3-33 overall record, a worse mark than either Gill or Weis posted in Lawrence.

It’s OK, though, Beakers. Basketball season starts in two weeks.