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Kansas State vs Kansas: Open Game Thread

The Cats head to that place between Topeka and Kansas City because the Big 12 says we have to.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State
This is OUR state.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

KU sucks.

But we still have to play the game. And while I’m sure teams said that about K-State in 1988, and the numbers still show the Cats were worse at one time, somehow the Jayhawks current status of suck still feels worse the 1988 Wildcats. But I was only one in 1988, what do I know.

KU has been held scoreless in two straight games. It should be the ultimate goal of the K-State defense to do the same for the third straight week.

The goal for the offense should be to finish working out some kinks with Alex Delton (even if Jesse Ertz is 100% healthy, there is NO reason to play him today and risk getting hurt again) and then get Skylar Thompson in by the middle of the third quarter.

No matter what, this should be a blowout. Anything less is inexcusable.

On the bright side for both teams, the weather is supposed to be cold and clear. NO RAIN!

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Beat the Squawks!

Go Cats!