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Halftime: Kansas State 21, Oklahoma 10 - Wait, what?


Trent Tanking is playing out of his ever-loving mind.
Trent Tanking is playing out of his ever-loving mind.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Wildcat defense has come up huge when it mattered, and the offense suddenly found a game plan that made sense. But one bad decision turned the tables — a Jordan Thomas interception and 46-yard return on a completely unnecessary deep pass by Alex Delton with 2:27 in the half which let Oklahoma turn a 21-7 deficit into a more manageable 21-10 Wildcat lead.

There have been a lot of huge plays in this game. Alex Barnes scored on a 75-yard run on the second play from scrimmage. Barnes and Delton have combined for 234 yards rushing on 18 carries. Dalton Schoen hauled in a 39-yard reception. Denzel Goolsby ripped the ball from a Sooner’s hands in the K-State end zone to end an Oklahoma threat.

And Trent Tanking has been superhuman. Who knew?

The half ended with Matthew McCrane trying what was officially a 59-yard field goal, but which was really closer to 60. It hit the crossbar and bounced the wrong direction, unfortunately.

We’ll have more details post-game, but for now let’s just settle in for what’s sure to be an exciting second half.