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Thursday Night Open Thread: Memphis-Houston, Chiefs-Raiders

There’s something for everyone this fine evening.

We made fun of them last year, but look who’s ranked again.
We made fun of them last year, but look who’s ranked again.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it’s Thursday! And somehow, it’s the first night this week with actual -- or even phantasmal -- football content. Where have you gone, oh Sun Belt?

Oh, wait, they’re right here, kicking off the evening’s action with a 6:30 tilt in Jonesboro between Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette. That game, with the Red Wolves favored by 12½, will air on ESPNU.

At 7:00, the 25th-ranked Memphis Tigers travel to the land of mosquitos and refinery stink to take on the Houston Cougars. Houston is actually favored by a field goal in this one, which you can imbibe via ESPN proper.

Over on CBS at 7:25, the Kansas City Chiefs get a still-daylight prime-time kickoff in the filthy confines of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum as they face their most-hated enemies, the Oakland Raiders. This is generally a game which brings all K-State fans together, as no matter now much Broncos and Chiefs fans hate one another, there’s one thing on which they can generally find common ground: Oakland is far worse.

Oh, and if it’s your bag, at 7:00 on TBS you can see the Chicago Cubs attempt to once again stay alive for one more game as they host Game Five of the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hang out, express your joy or dismay at whatever crosses your field of vision, and we’ll see you tomorrow!