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HALFTIME: TCU 13, Kansas State 3

The defense showed up, but can someone please send out search parties for the offense?

It’s just been painful, even though there are no missing limbs or anything.
It’s just been painful, even though there are no missing limbs or anything.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

K-State had a chance to get back within a score in the final minute of the half, but TCU’s defense kept the Cats from getting into field goal range, and hold a 13-3 lead heading into the locker room.

The Wildcat defense has only allowed one touchdown, and even that was on an extremely short field due to a very bad punt. So they can’t be faulted for the outcome so far, although there have been a few flaws worth discussing as well. However, it’s probably not on the talent.

Speaking of which, A.J. Parker got the start at nickel in place of the injured Cre Moore, even though Johnathan Durham actually has good numbers when being targeted. Parker’s played well. Elijah Sullivan’s also gotten a ton of action this afternoon, which is good.

Tanner Wood got his first sack, and Reggie Walker stripped Darius Anderson for a fumble which D.J. Reed recovered.

Yeah, the defense is doing okay. The offense?


Alex Delton is not having a day, so those of you who thought this would be an upgrade over moderately-healthy Ertz will have to live with disappointment. The offense has been completely absent, failing to convert a single third down and only having a couple of plays which got the blood pumping. One was a completion to Dalton Schoen (of course), and the other was a 33-yard catch by — wait for it -- Byron Pringle!

Of course, Pringle was whistled for penalties on each of the next two plays, the second of which wiped out his own touchdown catch, so whatever.

After the game, your benevolent despot will NOT be here with the post-game, because the weather delay causes a conflict with a previously-scheduled engagement. So stepping in will be your former benevolent despot, the one and only TEE BEE.