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Kansas State vs TCU: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats look to go 1-0 today.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

This has not been the season that Kansas State Wildcats fans expected.

This has not been the season that Kansas State Wildcats players expected.

Many preseason projections would have said that K-state would enter this game at 5-0, while TCU could have very easily been 3-2 with tough games against Arkansas and Oklahoma State on the schedule.

But the tables are turned, and TCU enters Manhattan with a 5 game win streak to open the season, including a big win over Big 12 preseason favorite Oklahoma State, and the Wildcats are searching for answers after a lackluster 3-2 start with baffling losses to Vanderbilt and Texas. TCU is now the favorite to win the conference, while K-State is hoping to get back on track to a decent season.

It all starts early (if the game starts on time), on a stormy morning in the Little Apple. Both things could favor the Wildcats, especially if Alex Delton starts in place of Jesse Ertz. The Wildcat run game needs to be strong, and Dalton Schoen needs to catch a few passes from whoever is playing QB to keep the TCU defense honest. Basically, the offense needs to operate like it did in the first half against Texas.

The D.J. Reed and the defensive backfield needs to limit big plays over the top, though TCU QB Kenny Hill tends to favor the short throws anyway. And Will Geary needs to keep eating running backs and double-teams. But Coach Snyder/Hayes needs to let some talent in the fold at LB, or it could still be a very long day for the Wildcat defense.

Overall, the Cats need to go 1-0 in every phase to have a chance against this TCU train. And that’s not something we’ve seen from the Cats against real competition since the first two games of the season.

Hopefully fate favors the purple team from Kansas.

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Beat the Horned Frogs!

Go Cats!