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Behind the Scenes of National Signing Day 2017: Josh Rivas

Preview of the 6’6 offensive line addition to K-State from Hutchinson, Kansas

We have two more sleeps until National Signing Day kicks off on Wednesday morning. To some, this is a great way to stay hyped about the off season of college football. To others, it is a great way to ignore the day-to-day tasks of their regular life. To most of us, this is a great way to renew faith in the recruiting process that has granted Kansas State fans with so much to cheer for over the last few years. Josh Rivas’ commitment was announced here in June, so check out more about the versatile (and big) offensive line commit here.

Today we are talking about Josh Rivas, a talented commit from Hutchinson, Kansas. Not only did Rivas impress the K-State coaches, his interview skills made an incredibly solid impression on the staff here at BoTC. It happened out of nowhere and we are all much better people for hearing what he had to say.

It is not often that you walk away from an interview doing a slow clap, but today was was an exception of sorts. With the chance to talk to one of the most exciting offensive line commits, there is no way Rivas was getting out of answering the Blazin’ Challenge question that had already been thrown to Adler, Creed and now Sammy Wheeler. The answer this young man gave was a reminder we can all apply to our everyday lives. After the eye opening answer, it is obvious this team of #spicyboyz will absolutely dominate in the years to come.

The interview below showcases Rivas’ knack for being wise beyond his years as well as passionate about being a Kansas State Wildcat.

Gracey Terrill: With the success of the 2016 Kansas State team, how are you feeling going into the 2017 season?

Josh Rivas: I have a very strong feeling that we will be a very powerful team.

GT: The excitement throughout the K-State fan base for the 2017 season is already building and the season is so far away, what are you looking forward to most about playing for K-State?

JR: The family atmosphere and how much support there is from the fan base and competing against the best of the best and playing for the best coaches.

GT: There has been some talk with fellow members of the 2017 commitment class about doing a Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings... would you be down for some team bonding over wings?

JR: Yes, a little heat never hurt anybody. Can't wait to get up there with them!

GT: One last question, if you could share one reason that you are excited to be part of the K-State family with other recruits… what would it be?

JR: Family, Coaches, and the football faculty.

There you have it, folks. A little heat never hurt anybody. A motto for the ages, an offensive lineman wise beyond his years. Welcome to Josh Rivas and his family from all of us here.