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Kansas State Falls in Ames, And Football News

Kansas State drops another road game, plus football recruiting notes.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Iowa State
“No Ice Cream for you!”-Bruce Weber
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports


Kansas State played 20 great minutes last night against Iowa State. Unfortunately for the Wildcats the games are 40 minutes long. Greg Woods gave everyone a quick hitting recap of last nights attempted comeback. While AMS dives further into K-State’s road woes.

Prior to all of the basketball festivities, Luke Thompson and Eric Rubottom hosted Troy Provost-Heron for this weeks episode of Bring on the PodCats.

Men’s Basketball

SBNations own bracketologist Chris Dobbertean released his most recent bracket yesterday afternoon, and has the Wildcats in as a 10 seed. If the tournament started tomorrow the ‘Cats would play USC in Salt Lake City, with the winner advancing to face the winner of Gonzaga-Georgia Southern.

Kansas State just needed one more shot to fall, or one more defensive stop and on e of the greatest comebacks in K-State history would have been complete. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Everyone makes mistakes. For example, I’m almost certain I have at least one typo per slate I write, but I’ve never mistaken Kansas State for Abilene Christian, which is what ESPN did last night. (Pete Grathoff)


With the departure of Elijah Lee to the NFL Draft, the Wildcats pass rush took a massive step back. However, help is on the way as the Wildcats top four commits are all at the defensive end position. (Jake Trotter,

These next two articles may have already been posted and if so I apologize in advance as I had not seen them.

First, re-examined the 2013 Big 12 recruiting classes and re-rated them. It should surprise no one that the Wildcats made the biggest jump in their letter grade. (Max Olson,

Last week’s Big 12 blog ranked the top 25 returning players, and Kansas State had the second most players. (Jake Trotter and Max Olson,