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Kansas State gives Austin Budke a scholarship

An expected and deserved reward for the fan-favorite JUCO transfer.

“You’re giving me a what now?”
“You’re giving me a what now?”
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re paying your own way to go to school to get a degree in chemical engineering and landing on the honor roll in the process, it’s nearly impossible to argue your money isn’t being well-spent.

When you’re a basketball player and your coach tells you to put the checkbook away, though... well, now that’s something. And that’s exactly what happened to senior forward Austin Budke during a team meeting on Monday, reported Star/Eagle beat writer Kellis Robinett.

Budke’s career at K-State has been interesting to say the least. Early on, there were segments of the fanbase who raged every time he stepped onto the court. But his energy, basketball IQ, and eventually (and most importantly) his sheer improvement in the gauntlet of Big 12 competition made him a fan favorite.

Budke is no longer just a guy eating minutes. He’s a critical part of the rotation, and he’s done a great job of contributing. There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether a scholarship was even available for him, but now we’ve not only got an answer but confirmation. It’s a well-deserved feather in Budke’s cap.