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Big 12 Media Days - Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder

Hey, he looks like he’s doing just fine to us.

Who knew this would be the last time this would happen? Who knew Snyder would outlast Stoops?!
Who knew this would be the last time this would happen? Who knew Snyder would outlast Stoops?!
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

We’re jumping forward temporarily, because Bill Snyder just fielded questions from the assembled media and obviously you care more about that than the other schools.

Snyder started by fighting back against the Big 12’s national perception, arguing that the league is in fine shape and implying that last year’s draft dearth was just a cyclical fluke.

The first question, of course, was about Scott Frantz and whether Snyder thought the reaction of his teammates was indicative of a general climate among college football players, or specific to K-State. Snyder discussed his own discussions with Frantz about going public, and revealed that Snyder himself contacted Holly Rowe to set up the interview.

Asked about whether he thought the team would be affected by pre-season projections, Snyder pointed out that every player sees everything written about them if it’s put on social media. (Hi, guys!) He said of course it will affect them in various ways, but they still prepare the same as always.

Berry Tramel asked the big question, inquiring as to Snyder’s health. Snyder appreciated him asking, and said he was fine. “I don’t have any issues right now other than preparing for the season.”

Jesse Ertz was the next topic, and Snyder said all the usual things he says about a returning starter at quarterback. His impression is that Ertz’s accuracy has improved over the off-season.

Snyder was then asked what he would say to advise another player or coach in Frantz’s situation. His primary advice was to not have fear.

Asked about the ballooning size of football coaching staffs, including non-coaching staffers, Snyder said he thinks it’s not much of an issue. He pointed out that each program is going to invest what it can afford to or what it’s comfortable with, and they’ll do what’s best for them.

The final question is our favorite, pointing out that K-State beat all five Texas Power 5 programs last year and whether he thought that gives K-State any program momentum. That was a perfect straight line for Snyder to give his usual speech about how his teams prepare the same way every week and the players all have the same goals and so on.

Immediately afterward, Jesse Ertz was interviewed by the FOX Sports crew on site. Ertz is excited to have so many returning pieces, saying it’s a perfect situation for him to be in. He was also asked about having Collin Klein as his position coach now, and Ertz noted that Klein’s recency in the same shoes is an asset.