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Big 12 Media Days - Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell

In the shortest session on Monday, the Cyclone boss revealed little.

The rebuild continues, with some major changes.
The rebuild continues, with some major changes.
Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

This will be the last of today’s recaps; we’ll cover the five remaining sessions tomorrow.

The fourth coach on the podium Monday was Matt Campbell, the second-year man at Iowa State. He opened with a fairly generic statement before opening the floor in a session which was surprisingly short due to a lack of questions.

The vast majority of his segment was his answer to one question, discussing Joel Lanning and his move to linebacker from quarterback. Campbell was struggling with having one of his best athletes on the sideline, and came up with a solution. He said that by the end of spring, Lanning looked like he belonged there.

The next question was about Allen Lazard, and Campbell is very pleased he chose to come back for his senior year.

Asked about Iowa State’s nighttime homefield advantage, Campbell took the opportunity to salute the Cyclone fanbase.

After a fairly generic answer to a question regarding graduate transfers, the session closed with a question about Bob Stoops. Campbell revealed that his father and Stoops’s father coached high school ball in the same area of Ohio, and that he hopes he can have the same sort of career.