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An Old Face Anchors Kansas State’s D.

Sixth year senior, Dante Barnett is the key to Kansas State’s defense.

Kansas State v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With an off week coming up yesterday was a bit slow here at Bring on the Cats, though apparently I caused JT to have to defend/explain my headline yesterday on his weekly radio segment on 1460 KGSO. (He’s on every Wednesday around 6:40 am. You can listen live online, so you’ll have no excuse for missing his dulcet tones wax poetically about K-State)


In football news, yesterday was Bill Snyder’s weekly press conference, which you can listen to online in its entirety courtesy of WIBW News. (Jake Lebahn, WIBW News)

In addition to Special Team U, Kansas State could also be called Walk-On U, and this season is no different. Brogan Barry is a junior defense back from Topeka Kansas who is also a walk-on, and special teams standout. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

While Barry helps lock down special teams, and old face from yesteryear has triumphantly returned to lock down Kansas State’s defense. (Derek Smith, Junction City Union)

Somehow our friends over at Viva the Matador were able to look past the thick haze of Texas hype and place Oklahoma State at the top of their Week 2 Big 12 Power Rankings. (Kyle Jacobson, Viva the Matador)


K-State soccer has continued to over-achieve (at least in my eyes) in their inaugural season, winning their second match of the season over Nebraska-Omaha 1-0, Sunday Night. (Staff Reports, The Manhattan Mercury)