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HALFTIME: Kansas State 35, Missouri State 0 — Another Weather Delay

See Jesse Run. Run, Jesse, Run!

179 yards of total offense in one half? Yeah, he’ll be fine.
179 yards of total offense in one half? Yeah, he’ll be fine.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

A shutdown defense and an opposing quarterback who can’t hit the wall of a linen closet from inside have all conspired to stake K-State to a 35-0 lead at halftime.

The defense would be putting together a fine effort even if Missouri State quarterback Brodie Lambert could find a receiver, but as it stands the Bears have only managed 54 yards of offense.

The Cats forced two turnovers, and as hard as it is to believe neither of them mattered. Jordan Willis recovered a fumble, which led to K-State’s only three-and-out of the half; Matt Seiwert grabbed a #FatGuyInterception which led to Matt McCrane’s missed 42-yard attempt as the first half expired. A blocked punt, however, did result in the final touchdown of the half for K-State.

Jesse Ertz is already out of the game, after having gone 7 of 8 for 94 yards and 2 scores, and three rushes for 85 yards. Pretty good 20 minutes of work, and maybe he’ll be okay after all.

Charles Jones has been invisible since his touchdown which opened the scoring, probably because he dropped the ball as he was crossing the goal line, resulting in a review to make sure he got in the end zone.

And as the teams sat in the locker room, another weather delay was called due to lightning in the area. So hang tight, it’ll be at least another half-hour until the second half begins.