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Open Game Thread: Kansas State at Stanford

Don’t startle us. We’re wound up.

Now is the time. The time is now.
Now is the time. The time is now.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Will we finally get the payoff that was supposed to be Jesse Ertz’s 2015?

Will Byron Pringle be the savior of a much-maligned receiving corps?

Will the return of Dante Barnett result in a defense that actually defends rather than acting like a timid matador?

Will Bill Snyder’s obsessive attention to detail and preparation bear fruit with eight whole months to work on the game plan?

Most importantly, will Christian McCaffrey start his Heisman campaign tonight or effectively end it?

Tune in to FOX Sports 1 (219 DirecTV, 150 Dish, 1652 U-verse, 583 Verizon, 207 Google Fiber, 811 Charter, 223 Comcast, 2060 Cox Kansas, 668 Surewest/Consolidated, 400 Time Warner), or load up the FOX Sports GO app, and come join us for all the wacky shenanigans. K-State’s on the national stage with virtually no real competition tonight. Let’s see if they can make it count.