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Denise Hinson: Fan of The Week

Good morning, Kansas State family! We are excited to share with you the first of many winners for this year's Fan of The Week contest, Denise Hinson. We are looking forward to sharing MORE purple pride with you throughout the season, so join in the fun!

Looks like there is no shortage of #EMAW with our Fan of The Week, Denise! Check out this fun snapshot of her with none other than Willie the Wildcat! Who doesn’t love that adorable mascot?!

We got to catch up with Denise and ask the following questions:

Why are you proud to be a Wildcat?

I received a great education there and have been a KSU fan since I was very young.

What is your favorite game day tradition?

All the "hoopla" before the game both inside and outside of the stadium.

Who is your favorite K-State player of past or present in any sport?

Jordy Nelson

We will be back on Monday with another Fan of The Week contest, be sure to enter your photos showing your purple pride on our Facebook page or in the comments of the contest post. Encourage your friends to help us share some purple pride across the internet by posting their pictures of tailgates, game shots, selfies, pet photos, adorable baby pictures, etc. and they can win too!

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