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Bring on the Podcast with Nick Leckey

K-State's former All-American center, Big 12 champion and Super Bowl Champion joins us to break down the opener against Stanford and tell us just how good this year's team could be.

New Orleans Saints 2010 Headshots
Nick Leckey won a Super Bowl with the Saints in 2009 and believe me, his beard today looks better than ever.
Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Esteemed editor emeritus TB joined the podcast this week for the opportunity to talk with Nick Leckey, one of the most accomplished Kansas State players both at the college level and in the NFL. After a six-year career he's living in Kansas City and keeping close tabs on his alma mater, who he believes could win at least 10 games this season. Sure, Nick has some concerns, largely with the offense and special teams, after the loss at Stanford, but he's optimistic this team could grow into a contender with the Big 12 looking as down as it's been in quite some time.

We also spoke more generally about Bill Snyder's offensive philosophies, and why K-State's refusal to follow everyone else by running an uptempo spread offense pays dividends but also causes some frustration. Be sure to keep listening to hear a couple of stories about Drew Brees chiding Nick and finally, his thoughts on whether a Bill Snyder retirement is looming.

Editor’s note: For the first 7 minutes or so of this podcast you’ll hear some extra feedback while Nick is talking because there was a stack of papers under my laptop. I took them out and it gets better, I promise.

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