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Can Kansas State contain Christian McCaffrey?

Plus a season preview podcast, a prediction from TB, and a look at what K-State needs to do to limit McCaffrey

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Stanford vs Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the day before the first football game of the season. Let’s hit it hard folks. First up bracket cat finished off his countdown with number 2: D.J. Reed, and number 1: Parker Gates. Gracey provided us a look at the Kansas City Catbackers Pep Rally, while Jon interrogated our friends over at Rule of Tree. This morning, Luke and I sat down with old BOTC pal Derek Smith to discuss Kansas State’s upcoming season. TB followed that with a look at Stanford and a prediction on the game (spoiler alert: the purple kool-aid wasn’t strong enough)

Dante Barnett is back. And he sat down with ESPN’s Max Olson for an interview about K-State’s upcoming season. Heisman Runner up Christian McCaffrey will be a tough test for the Wildcats’ defense, but Kansas State knows a thing or two about shutting down Heisman hopefuls. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

An upset win for Kansas State might have inched closer to reality last night as Stanford head coach David Shaw confirmed that Bryce Love will not play again Kansas State. (David Lombardi,

On the opposite side of the field, Kansas State appears to bring a deep stable of running backs into tomorrow night’s game against Stanford. (Riley Gates, Capital Journal)

Kansas State usually plays cupcakes. (Andrew Hammond, AP) But not this season, as the Wildcats are geared up for an unusually difficult season opener. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Finally, Ian Boyd of SBNation believes Kansas State is a worthy challenge for Christian McCaffrey, and explains why McCaffrey may find his running room limited against the ‘Cats.