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Bring on the Podcast with Derek Smith

Our old friend Derek Smith tells us all about K-State’s strengths and weaknesses while giving us an idea of what to expect from this season.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Kansas State
Will Justin Silmon be able to rise up and surpass Charles Jones as Kansas State’s starting running back?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought we weren’t going to give you a season preview podcast, well, we’ve got a surprise for you. While everyone is still healthy and before Stanford puts a dent in our hopes and dreams, we talked to our old buddy Derek Smith, the sports editor at the Junction City Daily Union. I’d like to think we took a long, rational look at Kansas State’s team and how this season might play out.

Stick around to the end and you’ll even hear some predictions on how the rest of the Big 12 will shake out this season. But in case you don’t get there, please be aware we are accepting requests for podcast guests over the next 3 weeks when the opponents are either nonexistent or so bad it’s not worth dedicating an entire podcast to them.

Be sure to follow Derek on Twitter at @dereksmith and check out his new Facebook page where he posts all of his articles.

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