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A New Season, The Same QB Battle.

The QB battle from last season continues, and more expansion talk

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we had ALL THE CONTENT for your reading pleasure! Wildcat00 started the content train by introducing you to Wildcat Olympian: Balazs Baji. Gracey followed by previewing the Men’s Basketball trip to Europe which was supposed to start yesterday, but due a flight cancellation in Atlanta, will start today.

Of course we can’t forget about The Countdown which started with Terrance Richards, and day 25, and was followed by the favorite to start in the backfield, number 24: Charles Jones.

With the season right around the corner, (seriously guys we only have three Saturdays left without college football) K-State’s fan appreciation day will begin this Saturday at 5pm. (Capital Journal, staff reports)

Think back to last year. A QB battle took place and it stared Jessie Ertz, Alex Delton, and Joe Hubener. Fast forward a year, and because of all the injuries last season the same cast of characters are back to compete again for the QB1 position. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Jesse Ertz might be the player who has the most to prove, especially after going down with a season ending knee injury following the first snap of the season. (Derek Smith, Junction City Daily Union)

In expansion news, several LGBT groups sent a letter to Big 12 officials urging the conference not to admit BYU due to their views on LGBT individuals. Coincidentally, (or not depending on your views of the world) soon after the news of the letter broke Houston tweeted the following:

These items are just two more twists in the tale of Big 12 expansion.(Jake Trotter

Finally, with all the talk of Big 12 expansion comes the talk of Big 12 contraction, so of course speculation is coming out about how teams would fare in other conferences. This week it’s Oklahoma and how they’d fare in the SEC. (Jake Trotter,

Finally, it’s time for the discussion question of the day:

I heard an interesting theory yesterday regarding expansion. The theory is as follows:

The Big 12 approaches ESPN, and Fox in March/April about creating a conference network and is told there isn’t a market for new conference network. Last month, the ACC announces they are creating a new conference network. This pisses off the Big 12 teams and officials and they start expansion talks to try and turn up the heat on Fox and ESPN because the networks lied to them about the conference networks. By using the escalators built into the contracts the Big 12 thinks they can get more money from the networks this way since they wouldn’t help with the conference network.

With all that said here is the question for discussion: What is the Big 12’s end game, and are they willing to go through with inviting sub-par football teams to simply force ESPN, and Fox to pay the conference more money?