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Kansas State Men’s Basketball heads to Europe

Coach Weber and the team head to Italy and Switzerland for the next ten days

K-State Sports

Kansas State Men’s Basketball is on their first international trip since Coach Bruce Weber first arrived in Manhattan. In 2012, the team traveled to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to showcase their talents. This year the team is traveling on a ten day trip in Italy and Switzerland. Earlier this morning the team left Kansas City for Atlanta, where they will fly to Rome and begin their tours and preparation for the games starting on Wednesday. Besides the obvious cultural experiences the team will get to experience, they will also have opportunities to play against club, select and national teams throughout the trip.

August 10th: LCC International University

August 11th: BC Silute

August 13th: Italian Select

August 16th: Kosovo National Team

August 18th: BBC Lausanne

What does this trip mean for the young and relatively scattered Kansas State team? Time to bond as a team and get ready for an action packed season ahead of them. The difference in rules and regulations overseas will push the Wildcats to communicate more on offense with a 24-second shot clock. During the 2012-2013 season, Weber was new and the players were adjusting to his coaching style and this trip seemed to help them bond early in the season. Here’s hoping to an exciting and safe journey for the team! If you are interested in following along with this trip, be sure to check out more over at the official trip page here.