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Keeping Up With Kelly Stewart

From Manhattan, Kansas to Las Vegas to world travels and everywhere in between... we caught up with the infamous “Kelly In Vegas” to talk about the upcoming football season

If you aren’t familiar with the outspoken force that is Kelly Stewart, you are welcome in advance. One of the best parts about being a female in sports media? Getting to work with fellow passionate women that love sports and enjoy sharing their passion with those around them. There is no one more passionate and dedicated to Kansas State than Kelly Stewart, or as most know her, “Kelly In Vegas.” Armed with knowledge and intuition, Kelly dominates the sports betting world and our hearts. With Las Vegas putting the over/under on K-State’s wins at 5.5, we wanted to catch up with Kelly and see what she had to say.

Gracey Terrill: Thankfully it is almost football season, have you even bothered betting MLB this summer?

Kelly In Vegas: I'm so happy football season is almost here... It's been a pretty boring summer. I bet a little baseball this year but only to keep me mildly entertained.

GT: What do you think about Vegas having K-State’s wins at 5.5 for the over/under this season? Does that account for the wizardry we both know Coach Bill Snyder has up his sleeve?

KIV: I think Vegas often fails to give Bill Snyder credit. Week end and week out Kansas State is often underestimated. That could be due to public perception and the books counting on the squares to lay double-digits against the 'Cats, but I think the bookmakers often lack respect for the Wizard. That being said I have K-State at six wins this season. The Westgate Superbook agrees with me. There a few 5.5's around Vegas but are all heavily juiced to the over. I have learned to keep my expectations low as of late, but I'm confident the Wildcats will see a Bowl again this year.

GT: What are you most excited about with this K-State team?

KIV: I'm excited most about this team to see what Jesse Ertz can do. For the last two years I've heard about him and his talents. I would love to see a big step up in the quarterback play from last season. Not to mention he has Deante Burton returning from last season. In addition I'm excited to see our defense healthy and ready to make big plays.

GT: Are you planning to attend any home games this year? Any away games?

KIV: As of now I'm planning on attending the Stanford game. As you've seen in years past it's easier for me to make the non-Saturday games.

GT: You’re always on the go, what is new for you and all your endeavors this football season?

KIV: I am definitely always on there go, but during football season I have to stay close to home. This season I'm back with and the Las Vegas Review Journal and have recently joined CBS in their Sportsline division.

GT: Give us a bold prediction for Kansas State for the upcoming season:

KIV: A BOLD prediction... Oh man. Guess I'd have to say the Wildcats go into Palo Alto and beat the Cardinal right out of the gate. As of now Vegas thinks toughest game on the Wildcats schedule based on the early lines. I don't think McCaffrey is going to be able to play every position on the field. I guess I'm just not sold Stanford this season. We all know Snyder excels in the underdog role.

GT: Fill in the blank: The one thing Coach Snyder will always do better than the young coaches is _______________.

KIV: "Get the most from his players." It's not a secret Snyder seeks out JuCo transfers and 2-3 star recruits as opposed to the big name players. He also has a history of turning walk-ons into household names. I've yet to hear about other coaches consistently exceed expectations with their players.

Not only is there some excellent insight for the upcoming season, now we know what all Kelly is up to this football season. Be sure to check Kelly Stewart out on Twitter and her website