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ICYMI: Kansas City Catbackers Pep Rally

The Kansas City Catbackers put on an amazing event last night with a happy hour, pep rally and auction all in one! Check out some photos below of the event shared on our Facebook page.

Not only were we able to meet so many Wildcats fans, we were also pumped up for the season opener at Stanford with a walk down memory lane by Stan Weber himself. The anticipation for this year’s football season is definitely at an all time high. Just how exciting is this football team to Stan Weber? Well, he ended up going through the entire depth chart to share unique and interesting information about each and every player. To say that it was a crash course in K-State football is definitely an understatement. In case you missed it, we recommend attending the Catbackers events in your area soon!

We were also able to catch up with Kansas State great Nick Leckey after the pep rally for a few minutes to ask some questions over on our Snapchat account. Here are the videos in case you missed them:

Looking forward to football starting up for Kansas State on Friday! Stay tuned for the Fan of The Week Contest being announced Friday morning!