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NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas-San Antonio Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, the last day of August, and thanks to a short week we are officially only two days from kickoff of K-State’s 2016 football season. If for some reason you aren’t yet, get hyped.

As it should be two days before kickoff, football is dominating both Bring on the Cats and the K-State beat. Here at HQ yesterday was a busy day, especially for BracketCat. First we had Luke Thompson and BracketCat talk with Rule of Tree's Jack Blanchat for the Bring on the Podcast. Then Bracket took a look at the recently released first depth chart of the season. And last but not least, Bracket finished up our day with the second half of the Countdown and RB Dalvin Warmack. Bracket has also gotten us started this morning with #2 (now #20, thanks to his switch to defense) Denzel Goolsby. Take a break Bracket, ya done good.

Writers around the K-State beat also published their takes on the initial depth chart: Kellis Robinett via the Eagle and Ken Corbitt at the Topeka Capital-Journal. Kellis also took a look at the crowded running back situation, and Jones definitely feels the pressure behind him; and Kellis also notes that Wildcats will be young this year, especially at wide receiver. Brett Engle at the K-State Collegian has three things to look for in Game 1, and as with everyone else QB play is at the top of his list. And on a somber note, Bill Snyder wrote a letter of support to the sole survivor of a deadly crash earlier this month between Topeka and Silver Lake that claimed the lives of three Silver Lake students and the father of the survivor.

Shelton Burch at the K-State Collegian says last weekend is a sign of things to come for K-State’s womens soccer program, especially the win over the Oakland Grizzlies, a team that won it’s conference and went to the NCAA tournament last year. The K-State defense also had a stellar game in their loss two days later, holding the second-leading scorer in the country scoreless for most of the match.