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Bring on the Podcast with Rule of Tree's Jack Blanchat

It turns out Stanford is more than just Christian McCaffrey, and Jack gives us the rundown of what to expect from the Cardinal on Friday.

If you want to beat Stanford, containing this guy is a good place to start.
If you want to beat Stanford, containing this guy is a good place to start.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, we're just three days away from the season opener at Stanford. Most of you probably know explosive running back Christian McCaffrey, but to learn more about the Cardinal we brought on Rule of Tree managing editor Jack Blanchat. He told Bracket Cat and I all about how Ryan Burns won the starting QB job, why Kansas State might be able to run against this front seven led by defensive end Solomon Thomas, and what could happen if the 'Cats don't keep a close eye on senior wide receiver Michael Rector.

We also learned Stanford fans spoke openly of dropping down from Division I football in the not-too-distant past. But Jim Harbaugh came in to save the day and David Shaw has kept it going, providing exactly what the Cardinal needed. Stick around towards the end of this podcast to hear Bracket's take on why Stanford's situation reminds him of Kansas State in some ways and a prediction on Bill Snyder's future. We also spent some time analyzing the 'Cats personnel, although you'll also want to check back for a season preview podcast later this week.

You can read much more about Stanford from Jack and others at Rule of Tree, and be sure to follow him on Twitter at @jackblanchat.

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