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Rodney McGruder Keeping Talents in South Beach

The Miami Heat signs former Kansas State shooting guard to three year deal.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Rodney McGruder, forever remembered for his tenacity and leadership at Kansas State under both Frank Martin and his replacement, Bruce Weber. We all remember where we were when McGruder hit the game winning three point shot against Baylor that fateful March night in 2013. There are countless memories to choose from with his career at Kansas State, that just happens to be a favorite. The motivation and drive he exhibited at Kansas State is what landed him in the spot he is today, being signed by the Miami Heat.

In the 2013 NBA Draft, McGruder went undrafted. Rather than give up on his dream, McGruder worked twice as hard to accomplish his goals. After going undrafted, McGruder joined the Orlando Magic for their Summer League and then the Charlotte Bobcats for the Las Vegas Summer League. He signed with Oklahoma City for a brief stint before going overseas and playing in Hungary. Although McGruder's performance in Hungary was solid, he returned back to the States with more Summer Leagues that eventually led to being signed with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, For those that might not know, the Skyforce is a basketball team in the NBA's Developmental League and he certainly made an impact.

McGruder gained attention by assisting the Skyforce with finishing in the D-League at the top with the best 40–10 record in 2015–16. Not only that, the team eventually went on to win the league championship with a 2–1 Finals series win over the Los Angeles D-Fenders. His perseverance led him to come back to the Miami Heat for this year's Summer League and now McGruder has a place in the NBA as we always knew he deserved.

Congratulations to Rodney McGruder & family! We look forward to keeping track of your NBA career. #EMAW