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Kansas State Defensive Players On Watch

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The Bednarik Award watch list was announced and Kansas State has two players on watch list for the first time since 2012

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

If you are familiar with the name Chuck Bednarik then you are familiar with the level of excellence associated with his name. In a time that football was gaining popularity, Bednarik was the steadfast leader of defense across the board. Bednarik's strength as a linebacker and center proved to be out of this world as he dominated the field during his golden days in the NFL. It is no surprise to those that watched him play from 1949 to 1962 for the Philadelphia Eagles that his career was definitely worthy of being in the Hall of Fame.

Not only was Bednarik's career on the field worthy of all the awards, his off the field career as a broadcaster was well known for being outspoken and critical of polarizing sports figures such as Deion Sanders and the NFL in general. With such a vivacious personality, the award that represents his name is an honor to players across the nation. This year, for the first time since 2012, Kansas State has two players "on watch" for this prestigious award and the #Family couldn't be happier! Kansas State Athletics released more information about it today, which you can check out here.

Dante Barnett and Elijah Lee are putting Kansas State's defense on the map and Barnett is on the list for his second year. Dante Barnett is coming off sitting out due to injury for the majority of 2015 and has plenty to prove in his last season as a Kansas State Wildcat. Elijah Lee is entering his junior year after a productive sophomore season earning First or Second Team All-Big 12 honors as an underclassmen for the first time since 1998. Who won that honor in 1998? Mark Simoneau.

With the somewhat dismal outlook that others seem to have about Kansas State's upcoming football season, this is a great honor that these two players could easily earn if the past indicates the success they could have in store for us in 2016. For the full 2016 Bednarik Award watch list, click here.