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Kansas State stacks up on defense

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Another great recruit committed to Kansas State this week, welcome defensive lineman Drew Wiley to the #Family!

Drew Wiley

It's only Wednesday and we already have exciting commitment news for Kansas State Football. Not only did K-State land Anthony Payne from Raymore-Peculiar, they also have added Drew Wiley of Vinton, Iowa to 2017's commitment list. At 6'4 and 290 lbs, Wiley is a force to be reckoned with due to sheer size as well as his quickness. Wiley played well as a nose guard and was credited with over three sacks last year, very solid for a position that is primarily blocking so the linebackers can get the tackles.

Choosing Kansas State over another offer from South Dakota, Wiley joins a stacked commitment list for 2017. Not only was Wiley a second team all-state defensive lineman in Class 3A, he had 60.5 tackles and led his team in sacks with three on the season. With his obvious agility at nose guard, Wiley will have the opportunity to work with some very talented coaches that can help Wiley get to the next level of play.

Welcome to the #Family and we look forward to seeing you on the field!