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Kansas State Lands Anthony Payne

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Another weapon for the class of 2017 commits, Anthony Payne will join the Kansas State Wildcats.

It is official, Anthony Payne has committed to Kansas State for 2017. For one, this is a young man out of the Kansas City area that plays with as much strength as he does heart. I had a chance to do a quick interview with Anthony Payne about what made him choose to be a Wildcat, besides the stellar recruitment process lead by Blake Seiler.

Gracey Terrill: Why did you choose Kansas State?

Anthony Payne: The location and playing time

GT: What does it mean to you to be a Kansas State Wildcat?

AP: It's a tremendous honor to be a wildcat.

GT: Have you seen the 16 Goals from Coach Snyder? If so, what is one of your favorites?

AP: Never give up.

GT: Did any other schools bring up Coach Snyder's age in their pitch to you?

AP: Yes, but that never really fazed me or swayed my opinion on the school itself

GT: What players are you most excited to work with at Kansas State?

AP: Bronson Massie and Wyatt Hubert

GT: Being from the Kansas City area, how important was it to you to stay close to home?

AP: It's important to my family to make it to all my games

GT: What team are you most excited to play against as a Wildcat?

AP: That's hard to say. Maybe OU or Texas.

At 6'2 and 255, Payne offers a lot with his strength and agility at defensive end. Combined with his speed, this could be the legitimate threat needed on Kansas State's defense to help shut down powerhouse quarterbacks throughout the Big 12. Congrats on the commitment and we look forward to seeing you dominate in 2017! #EMAW