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2016 Big 12 Media Days: Bill Snyder

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Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Snyder takes to the podium as the penultimate speaker.

Hey Ian Boyd, don't ask what's in my bag of tricks!
Hey Ian Boyd, don't ask what's in my bag of tricks!
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Don't ask Bill Snyder if someone is going to be a star, because he will flat-out tell you "No." (poor Ian Boyd...) But if you ask about pride and K-State he'll go into a 10-minute speech on where K-State was when arrived, and why he wants to play at home (for Manhattan's economy). Plus the usual coach-speak: the players nominated for awards are "good young men", and Dalton Rinser is a great leader. Oh, and he's excited to work with Jerry Kill, because he has a football mind and understands "what we are all about."

But Bill Snyder is still good for a few answers. When asked about the push towards eliminating kickoffs he played both sides of the coin, saying that if it was "purely about football" he'd like to keep kickoffs, but when it comes to player safety, he always wants to do what's best for the safety of the players on the field, even if that affects the kickoff.

Snyder also liked the way the Big 12 used to handle the title game, with two 6-team divisions and a title game. Even though it prevented K-State from a chance at a National Championship, overall it was a good thing for the program.

And don't think that Snyder is going to run off any assistants any time soon. Snyder likes the continuity that have the same assistants provides. He said he wasn't opposed to new ideas and new things (he is on Twitter now, after all), but the continuity saves time by not needing to re-teach coaches, or players learn new terms or systems. He also pointed to players who have talked about playing for three or four different coordinators during their time, and how it was better that his players have gotten the opportunity to play for the same coach during their career for consistent growth.

Snyder is also mixed on facilities improvement. He wants his coaches, staff, and players to be in a "comfortable and efficient environment." But he doesn't like the idea of "trying to out-do the Jones-es", he's not necessarily a fan of the "glitz and glam" even though that's a part of how things work these days. He would rather the student athletes came ofr other things than shiny facilities, as long as the facilities are nice and comfortable, that should be all they really need.

And yes, Bill Snyder does run his own Twitter account.